Well, the Holidays are over, 2014 is here and it's time to make some changes! Now that the new year is here, it is time for some changes. ASD needs an overhaul. Time to get to work on dressing it up a bit. Content is still a priority, but I need to get back into this and get my motivation back. The Holidays are always a bit humbling and can mak working on the game hard especially considering it is just me. Making some updates for the game aesthetically may get my engine up and running again!
FFB Kext Installer Video Now Available! Finally, you can now see a video tutorial of how to install the Logitech FFB kext into Lion (10.7) or Mountain Lion (10.8). This video can be found in the Support and Media sections of the site. You can also find the video on the SiniScope Youtube Channel.
Version 1.3.1 update now live in the Mac App Store! Finally! That took way too long! This update adds a few under-the-hood updates along with the new Lakefront Airport track and better FFB options. The FFB is now selectable to 400%! Hopefullythis will help with some Logitech wheels that were having weak FFB.
Very Important Reminder! Hey ASD players, just a quick reminder. I have had so many emails about the Force Feedback and I have to remind players to plug the steering wheel in AFTER the computer starts and is at the desktop. It is the only way to get the FFB to calibrate correctly in OSX. If you leave the wheel plugged in and turn on the computer, the FFB will be VERY, VERY weak when playing the game. If you plug it in after the computer starts, it will be much better and much more forceful. Also, in the next update, the FFB has been very much amplified and tweaked.
If You Have Problems With The Game! I really do not mind getting criticism, but please contact me if you are having problems. I think sometimes it is simply easier to just rant and put the game down instead of doing the 'hard' work to contact me. Let's all be adults and speak with someone about what is wrong. If there is a problem with the game, let me know. I would love nothing more than to help every single person who has a problem and I mean that. I have helped a lot of people over the year with the game and it makes me very happy to do it.

FFB Reminder for those running Lion and ML! REMEMBER, if you are running Lion or Mountain Lion, to get Force Feed Back to work with your Logitech wheel, you have to install the Logitech FFB Kext! Please see the support section of this site for instructions on how to do it! Once installed, FFB will work with all your racing games on OSX that feature FFB.


The name is about as simple as it gets, but it will grow on you in time. Auto Sport Driving is a sim-based racing game evolved for the casual gamer as well. You are in the wrong place if you are looking for explosions, 500 yard jumps, weapons and power-ups! Confusing car optimizations and tweaks have been replaced with some of the best AI in any racing game along with a top-of-the-line physics and data engine geared toward giving the virtual racer a realistic track and driving experience that can be easily picked by any racer and mastered by those willing to put the time in.

This game was created by an unbelievably small studio, literally. My name is Jason and I am SiniScope Production and Development, Inc. Though I do not have 100 employees working on this series of games, I do have an obsession with racing and the Mac platform and I want to bring the two together for a great racing sim experience. As time goes on, the game will get better and better and will be updated frequently with new cars and tracks eventually building a racing game on the Mac that consists of racing styles for all players such as sport car, stock car and truck, open wheel, cart and rally racing! I also have a lot of new content being created and am always looking for professional help. Please contact me if you are interested in helping to build this game.

Auto Sport Driving contains many features that are unique to this Mac racing experience. The game engine is put to proper use in maintaining a high level of realism in both graphics and physics. The all new physics presented in this game create a seamless transition from the track to the computer screen and if you have a wheel, such as the Logitech Momo, Driving Force or G27, the game is even more realistic with Force Feedback. This is no ordinary racing game for the Mac. Here are just some of the features...

Realistic Physics Engine

Stereoscopic 3D Technology (Anaglyph/Anachrome Tested)

Wheel and Gamepad Support with FFB* (Logitech and Macally tested)

Online Racing with Lobby Support

Scalable graphics options to accommodate all Intel Macs

Realistic Cockpit Views to heighten the realism

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