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As many of you may know by watching my YouTube channel or checking the Official SiniScope Facebook or Twitter pages, The Afterpulse for Apple TV (tvOS) has become my favorite game of all time narrowly beating out the sit-down version of Pole Position 2 in the arcade. The simplicity of the game, the graphics, the realism of the Apple TV version which is much less complicated than the iOS and Android versions all add up to something that my 44 year old mind and reflexes can get groovy with. But there is a game that has been taking up more and more of my time over the past year that I can now proudly say has struck a chord and resonates with me to the deepest parts of my being. Yes, it has me that excited. The game is VAST: Cosmic Treasure Hunters.

VAST is available on my device of choice, the Apple TV 4K along with iOS devices and MacOS computers. It comes from the genius mind of Xander Davis and the good people at Astrogun. To be perfectly honest, there is only a little bit of content available as of right now which consists of episode 1, but episode 2 should be released sometime in the near future along with a stunning visual update to rival some of the best games on the tvOS, iOS and macOS platforms. It's a sci-fi, anime style, fast-paced first person shooter (FPS) that harkens back to memories of Metroid Prime, the original Halo and some of the other great games that have come along throughout the FPS genre history. But there is something different about this game. Something more 'magical' if I may be so bold. Xander is also attempting to tell a story while creating a brand new universe for all of us Apple gamers to explore. Yes, apple gamers. We do exist and we are growing in number as iOS, macOS and tvOS become easier to develop games for with the help of tools that Apple and other third party companies are creating.

VAST is the first game in a very long time that makes me feel like a child discovering the secret levels of Mario Brothers and some other old games that many younger players may have never played before. I used to stay up school nights back in the 80's and early 90's waiting to find the next cave in Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy Legend or get to the next level in games like Ninja Gaiden and Castlevania. This game gives me that same feeling of excitement even without a lot of content. It hits me in a way that I have a hard time explaining in words. It might sound ridiculous, but that is the ultimate goal of developers and the ultimate high for gamers.

The main character in the game, ?, comes equipped with a swappable hand/arm mounted shotgun and SMG type weapon. The shotgun, as most shotguns are, is powerful, but with a slow rate of fire. The machine gun weapon is a rapid fire spray and pray weapon that may save you time and time again when you are in the middle of a swarm of enemies as long as you the ammunition to do so. Switching between these weapons is simple but knowing which weapon is best for the situation is critical at times and may take a bit of getting used to. Making a mistake in choosing a weapon can get you killed in a hurry.

The control is simple and spot on. This is one of the greatest achievements of the Astrogun team so far. Nothing overly complicated and that makes a tangible difference while playing the game. But the future holds much more for VAST and I am sure that the deep nature of the outside (hopefully included) story will definitely help in building the epic adventure that awaits all those who wish to dive into its universe.

2019 will be a standout year for VAST: Cosmic Treasure Hunters. Xander has posted that there will be much more attention paid to the game throughout the year. As players await the second episode of VAST, there is much to look forward to. Episode one will be receiving a visual update and the bugs that currently reside in the game will be smashed. The 'Titanium Moth' bug will also be swept aside if Apple, Astrogun and Unity have anything to do with it as they have banded together with the hopes of fixing the memory issue. Xander also stated that he will be very transparent when it comes to the development of VAST which is never a bad thing. There is a lot to be hopeful for this year when it comes to VAST and I, for one, will be right there anxiously awaiting every update and announcement Astrogun has to offer.


I would like to thank Xander and the team at Astrogun for taking the time to develop VAST with an open mind and with insight from the community at large. There is something to be said for a company that understands the relationship between its players and itself and is willing to try something new on platforms that may not be the most popular when it comes to gaming.... I'm looking at you tvOS and macOS. Considering I am an Apple TV 4K gamer and a Mac computer user, this is great news for sure!

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